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Your Landscaping Projects Start Here

Explore the vast array of options for your landscaping and construction projects with KSG’s pricing page. Our pricing menu lays out all available materials and products, from Kettle Valley Granite to essential aggregates like sand and drainage rock. Find everything you need to budget and plan your project with confidence.


Fill Material (Per Box)


Clean Bedding Sand


ECO Sand


1" Minus Road Base Crush


3" Minus Pit Run


1" Recycled Asphalt


1" Radon Rock


Blended Fine/Premium (Per Yard)


Blended Coarse/Premium (Per Yard)


Glen Grow (Per Yard)


Traditions (Per Yard)


Optimized Garden Soil (Per Yard)


Ogo Grow (Per Yard)


Topsoil (Per Yard)


Topsoil (Unscreened - Per Yard)


Kettle Valley Granite

3/8" KV Granite Crusher Chips


1" KV Granite


2" KV Granite


Kettle Valley Granite Wall Rock (1' to 5')


Kettle Valley Granite Hand Stack


Kettle Valley Granite Hand Stack by Loader


Kettle Valley Granite Slabs


Kettle Valley Granite Feature Rock (1' - 4')


Kettle Valley Granite Feature Boulders (4' Plus)


Kettle Valley Granite Water Feature Rock (Bubblers)


Mountain Ash

3/8" Mountain Ash Crusher Chips


1" Mountain Ash


2" Mountain Ash


Mountain Ash Boulders (Wall Rock)


Mountain Ash Slabs


Mountain Ash Class C



3/8" Basalt Crusher Chips


1" Basalt


2" Basalt


Basalt Boulders/Columns


Class C Basalt


Taxes are not included in prices
All pricing is F.O.B. our Pit
Pricing is subject to change without notice
All pricing is subject to material availability

Download Our Pricing Sheet

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our comprehensive pricing guide. Dive into a selection of Kettle Valley Granite, natural stone, sand, and more, all at competitive prices. Grab your copy today for effortless budgeting and project planning!

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