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Kelowna Sand & Gravel Transforms Landscapes

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Kettle Valley Granite in Kelowna, BC! Discover a large selection of natural stone products available in many sizes, colours, and shapes! We offer an extensive range of sand and drainage rock to meet your project’s specific needs. Whether you’re a passionate DIY landscaper or a seasoned developer, our vast inventory has everything you need to achieve your vision!

Our Product Catalogue

Your go-to for Kettle Valley Granite in Kelowna, BC! We’ve got all your landscaping needs covered with a variety of natural stone products in different sizes, colours, and shapes. Plus, we’ve got you covered with sand and drainage rock too. Whether you’re a DIY landscaper or a developer, we’ve got the goods you need!

Your Landscaping Projects Start Here

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our comprehensive pricing guide. Dive into a selection of Kettle Valley Granite, natural stone, sand, and more, all at competitive prices. Grab your copy today for effortless budgeting and project planning!

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