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Kettle Valley Granite Wall and Feature Rock

Build a wall that will make the neighbours take notice by using Kelowna Sand and Gravel’s coveted Kettle Valley Granite landscape stone. Beautiful natural colours indicative of the Okanagan run through this stunning landscape wall stone. There are various available from large machine required size to hand bomb size for the strong landscapers out there! These products makes it easy to create symmetrical rock walls that will last a lifetime.


Kettle Valley Granite Slabs


Kettle Valley Granite Wall Rock 1-5 foot


Kettle Valley Granite Feature Rock 1-4 foot


Kettle Valley Granite Feature Boulders 4 foot plus


Kettle Valley Granite Water Feature Rock (drilled)


This product is best suited for:

  • Rock walls (decorative or retaining)
  • Address Rocks
  • Stone pathways/stepping stones
  • Border edging for gardens and ponds

Ready to rock?

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